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Marketing & Communication Graduate With A Computer Science Background

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Knowledge of


Facebook Insights

Managing countless Facebook pages for college organizations as well as KSLA’s 81212 Facebook page have given me the knowledge and experience to track and manage ROI of digital marketing efforts.


Google Analytics

As a Digital Sales Assistant at KSLA one of my primary tasks is to manage campaigns to ensure they meet their goals. Google Analytics is an integral part of this.

Development Skills




I began learning to code at the tender age of ten, utilizing different tutorials on the internet and reaching out to mentors as I dove deeper into code. Now, almost fifteen years later I have worked to turn it into a career. I am proficient in the latest web development technologies: HTML 5 & CSS 3. Plus, I am always looking for ways to learn more and broaden my web development skills. College courses at Centenary College of Louisiana have also taught me to think even more like a programmer. Through these classes I worked for short periods of time in Python and Java as well.

HTML 5 and CSS3 Logos

Content Management Systems

Wordpress. Adobe Muse.



Over the years, I’ve steadily begun to learn about content management systems and specifically the advantages of WordPress. While at Centenary College one of my web design projects was mandated to be built using WordPress and it helped me gain even more knowledge of the platform. More recently, I’ve begun to use Adobe Muse for many projects, due to its flexibility design-wise as well as the ability to let clients edit sections of their site’s content on line in a web browser. It’s slowly grabbed my attention as a CMS replacement for WordPress. However, I’m always open to other options and looking to find the latest platforms that are sophisticated, yet simple to use.

Wordpress Logo Adobe Muse Logo

Social Media Management & Strategy

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. I've got one.



I’ve always been amazed at how social media as transformed the world and how it continues to change the landscape of the career path I have chosen. Social media is one of my biggest passions and I’m always looking for the newest trends. Trust me, I’ve signed up and tried almost all of them. Along the way, I’ve also worked hard to ensure that I am proficient in the latest tools for the major players such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I’ve helped run several social media pages & accounts for different organizations I was involved with at Centenary College, including the Centenary Activities Board and Kappa Alpha Order. I’ve also helped manage KSLA’s 81212 Deals page as well as use Facebook analytics to gather important data from the main KSLA social platforms. I also used software to efficiently manage posting to multiple platforms. At KSLA, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on weekly news meetings where social media strategy is discussed as well as gain knowledge from corporate social training. My training doesn’t stop there; I use these platforms constantly and am always reviewing to see what works and what doesn’t.

Centenary College of Louisiana Logo

I graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana in May 2015 with a major in Communication, specializing in New Media, and a minor in Computer Science. I was blessed to attend this small liberal arts college. The small class sizes meant more one-on-one time with my professors and flexibility in personal research. As a liberal arts college I studied not only areas pertinent to my field but also many others which give me the ability to look at and solve problems in unique ways. Centenary’s many group projects also taught me strong interpersonal and collaboration skills that I have carried over into my professional career. I’m #CentenaryProud to be a Gent!