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Month: May 2009

Book of the Past: Chapter One

I never could have speculated how that warm December day in Bell City, California could have turned out to be my biggest nightmare. It started out as any other day— wake up, brush my teeth, head downstairs for breakfast. That last one was my biggest mistake. My parents bickered all the time. They were on the verge of divorcing and sometimes I just wished they would do it and get it over with. I knew they were only staying together because of me. I didn’t really know how to feel about that. I loved both of them equally and...

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The Uncanny Recompense: A Short Story

Miranda sat in the dark, lush garden centre near her local elementary school. Tears streaked down her tender, blue eyes as she read a tear-stained letter that had been written by her friend. Her arm went numb and the letter fluttered to the tiled walkway leading to the gray, stone bench she sat on. She finally slumped over, no longer having the strength to keep her body erect. The letter was from her best friend, Tiffany, who had tragically took her life the night before. Miranda hadn‘t made it to the bottom of the letter, yet. Miranda couldn’t understand...

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