I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts from Centenary College of Louisiana in May 2015, focusing on Communication with a specialization in New Media along with a Computer Science minor. The past four years have taught me a lot about not only time management and how to be a team player but also about what makes great design and how public relations and advertising can work together to create a solid brand. My liberal arts education means my background and knowledge has been formed from many different disciplines, yielding more unique solutions for clients’ problems.

I currently work for an amazing advertising agency, helping build and design brands for businesses across the globe. I even get to mess around with some code every once in awhile! I love to travel and wouldn’t be opposed to working overseas. London and Paris are both two beautiful places I wouldn’t mind having the chance to stay in a little longer!

You can take a look at my portfolio by visiting http://www.savagecreative.solutions or on Behance! Feel free to reach out to me on the contact page as well! I’m always up for meeting new people.